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We recommend different post-operative care instructions depending on the type of surgical procedures. The doctor or nurse will provide you with specific instructions. The following information may be used as general guidelines following tooth removal.
Place gauze pads or tea bags over the surgical site and bite to apply pressure until you reach home and can rest quietly with your head elevated. If bleeding persists, the gauze or tea bag can be used the entire day of surgery, changing every three hours if it becomes saturated. A small amount of oozing should be expected; however, a steady stream of blood indicates more direct pressure is needed over the extraction site. Avoid spitting, vigorous rinsing or sucking, as this will dislodge the blood clot and cause further bleeding. Tobacco use and exercising should be discontinued until several days after surgery.
The best way to prevent infection is to keep your mouth clean. Please rinse with warm salt water several times a day, especially after eating. You should also brush your teeth thoroughly and wipe the tissues in the area of the surgical site with your soft, small toothbrush.
Following minor oral surgery, pain should be the most severe the first day and then diminish each day thereafter. Renewed pain, three to four days later, severe enough to interrupt sleep may indicate a healing problem. If this happens to you in the absence of swelling, you should call our office for an evaluation. Please do not drive an automobile or work around machinery while under the influence of potent pain medication.
Swelling is normal and expected after surgery. It should be the greatest on the second or third day after surgery and may be accompanied by an increase in pain, and thereafter slowly recede. Placing a cold pack over the surgical area during this time helps keep the swelling to a minimum. An unexpected increase of swelling can also indicate a problem. Should this occur please call and arrange an appointment.
Do not eat or drink until your mouth numbness has worn off! The day of the surgery, keep your diet soft. Eat carefully, even if it means relying entirely on liquids. Dehydration must be guarded against. Drink plenty of liquids. A high calorie, high protein diet is important for healing. Nourishment should be taken regularly. Eat a balanced diet either by putting your regular diet through a blender, using instant breakfast or a commercially prepared liquid diet like Ensure.

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